I decided to have it done after seeing the price of chin shaving.

My face became slimmer and more refreshed.

I can't help but worry about my chin : I had surgery : My face is now slimmer and more slender

After the surgery, my chin became much slimmer.
The protruding parts were gone and my face became much smaller.
I was very happy because I didn't think I could have such a small face
. I felt that the presence of the chin was a big factor. I
no longer worried about my chin, and I became very confident in my face.
The swelling remained for a while after the surgery, but it
gradually became less of a concern. If it could be made so beautiful and slimmer, I wish I had had the surgery sooner.
My friends say that my face is really slimmer and smaller. I had imagined that
the cost would definitely be over 1 million yen, but it was less than 1 million yen. The
cosmetic surgery clinic where I had the surgery performed the surgery for 800,000 yen.
For 800,000 yen, I was able to gain a lot of confidence in myself.
I can now appeal to the people I like.
The swelling completely disappeared after a while after the surgery.
Now I can only feel satisfied.