I decided to have the chin shaving done after seeing the price.

I can't help but worry about my chin

firstimg I was always worried about my chin.
It was obviously longer than other people's, so I wanted to do something about it. I was
so worried about my chin that no matter how fashionable the clothes I wore, I always felt like they didn't fit me.
Even when I found someone I loved, I couldn't always approach him proactively because of my chin.
Then, I happened to find a website for a cosmetic surgery that does chin reduction
. I hadn't really thought about having surgery, but when I checked the price
on the website, I thought it was cheaper than I expected. I started to seriously think that if it was this price, I might try it once.
Moreover, the cosmetic surgery I was looking at had a very good reputation.
There were many reviews, so I looked them up and there were only really good things written about it.
I truly felt that I could leave it to them with confidence.
There were also reviews of people who had chin reduction at this cosmetic surgery.

Although it was expensive, I had chin reduction surgery.

I have a fairly well-formed face from the front, but my chin stands out from the side. I've had
a complex about my chin since I was a child, and I've been thinking about how to solve this problem for a long time.
However, I was worried about plastic surgery, so I didn't do anything for a long time.
That changed when I started working and had the money to have surgery, so I decided to try it.
I researched where to choose when I would have the surgery, and I wanted to choose a reliable place.
There are major clinics that are reliable, and I checked their official website to see if they were reliable.
The official website had detailed information about the risks of surgery and how the clinic would respond if such a problem occurred.
After learning that information, I felt that this was a reliable place, so I went to have a consultation to see how it would be done.
During the consultation, I was able to talk directly to the doctor, and the consultation time was long, so I was able to ask various questions.
After asking about the chin reduction surgery, I was told that the risks were small and that no scars would be visible from the surface. I
was worried about the cost of the surgery, but I was relieved that it was within my expectations.
After that, I had an X-ray taken of my jaw area to check the shape, and was given an explanation of what I should do specifically.
I was a little worried, but I decided to have the surgery because it seemed like it could be fixed safely after listening to the doctor's explanation.
Since surgery requires a few days of hospitalization, I first applied for paid leave from my company so that I could take time off.
Since my company made it easy to get paid leave applications approved, I was able to take time off and had the surgery that day. When I
was going to have the surgery, I was first checked for my physical condition, then given anesthesia and moved to the operating room. I
was given general anesthesia, so I didn't feel any pain, but by the time I woke up, the surgery was over. After the
surgery, my jaw was fixed and I couldn't move my body well, so I couldn't do anything for a while.
However, the next day I was able to move to a certain extent, but I still felt strange in my jaw area.
After more than a day had passed since the jaw reduction surgery, my condition had recovered to a certain extent and I was able to talk to the doctor normally.
The doctor asked me if there was any problem, but I answered that
I was fine because I didn't feel any particular problem. I was hospitalized for about three days after the surgery, and the pain and discomfort gradually decreased and I felt much better.
The cost of the treatment was about 1 million yen, and I also had to pay some other expenses.
I used a loan provided by the clinic to pay, so I pay back the loan by paying a fixed amount every month.
The interest rate was not too high, so the monthly burden is light and I
think I will be able to repay it in a short time. When I took the loan from the clinic, there was an examination, and I was worried about whether I would pass it.
However, I was easily approved, so I was able to use the loan to repay, which was very helpful. The
chin reduction surgery I had at the clinic felt strange and painful for a while.
I went to the clinic several times after the surgery to get checked, and they said there were no major problems.
The cost of the chin reduction surgery was high, but I am satisfied because the surgery itself was successful.
Now, when I look in the mirror from the side, I don't feel strange, and I have more confidence in myself than before.
The doctor told me that this surgery can cause problems in some cases, but so far I haven't had any problems.

I can't help but worry about my chin : I had surgery : My face is now slimmer and more slender